Recreate the physical classroom in cyberspace with real-time collaboration that seamlessly integrates with your learning management system.

Control of the remote classroom is essential for instructors to take charge of their data, ensure a secure virtual environment, and create a safe and equitable learning space for all students. Rainbow Classroom by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise turns your existing system into a virtual classroom by seamlessly integrating into your LMS with real-time collaboration and communications capabilities.

Everything teachers and students need from a virtual classroom to interact and collaborate, create and deliver content, and monitor participation and access performance from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else, with a simple web browser and internet connection.

  • Deploy a fully secure solution (LTI standards)
  • Connect and work with LMS
  • Utilize real-time collaboration tools
  • Seamlessly create and manage virtual classrooms
  • Seamlessly integrate into your existing system
  • Select a solution tailored to your exact needs

Bring real-time collaboration to your LMS

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Why classroom control is important for engaging students

Effective remote learning requires an intuitive, fully immersive, and simple-to-use virtual classroom engine with capabilities that can be tailored to your exact needs.

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Experience remote learning that doesn’t feel so remote

Rainbow Classroom by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is the solution to all your remote teaching challenges. Join us and learn how an intuitive, fully-immersive, and easy-to-use virtual classroom can be tailored to your needs to regain classroom control and engage students.

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What you need to know about remote learning and student success

Remote learning requires an intuitive, fully immersive, and simple-to-use virtual classroom engine that can be tailored to an instructor’s exact needs.  But how do you ensure that you’re delivering the necessary foundation for success? On your journey to find the best virtual classroom engine, we’d like to share with you the five lessons that we believe should be top of mind, and built into every school’s remote education strategy.

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