LBS provides patients and visitors with indoor navigation tools, and hospitals with asset tracking tools.

Billions of dollars in revenue are lost each year by hospitals due to missed appointments, time spent by hospital staff providing patients and visitors with directions, as well as replacing lost, stolen or misplaced equipment. In fact, 2% of Medicare reimbursements in the United States are at risk based on patient satisfaction ratings (value-based healthcare). 

OmniAccess Stellar LBS can help hospitals mitigate these costly scenarios, by providing:

  • Patient and visitor wayfinding and navigation from parking to wards
  • Improved operational efficiency: staff can quickly locate wheelchairs, medical equipment and vacant hospital beds
  • Better patient security thanks to patient wander detection
  • Faster, location-aware incident response for rapid mobilization of staff or security
  • Increased building intelligence: monitor patient wait times and optimize staff workflows

The following diagram illustrates a few examples of how OmniAccess Stellar LBS, integrated with a hospital app, can help hospitals improve the patient care continuum while reducing operating costs and increasing workflow efficiencies.

OmniAccess Stellar LBS in Healthcare
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OmniAccess Stellar LBS Infographic for Healthcare Image
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