Location-based services in the transport sector provide passengers with a great end-to-end travel experience, increase security.

Transportation authorities are faced with many challenges such as an increasing number of travelers, upholding safety and security, and the need to remain profitable. Travelers, on the other hand, are looking for a reliable, enjoyable travel experience from the moment they leave home to the time they arrive at their destination.

With air travel, for example, roughly 50% of airport revenue comes from parking and retail. And one of the biggest complaints you hear from travelers is how long wait times are at check-in and security. These are areas where consumer satisfaction matters.

OmniAccess Stellar LBS can help the improve the traveler experience while increasing security and profitability for transportation authorities, by enabling:

  • Faster check-in/security access: guiding travelers to the queues with the shortest wait times
  • Find my gate: showing the location and estimated time of arrival, with directions
  • Find family, friends & colleagues: quickly locate contacts on arrival
  • Faster, location-aware incident response: rapid mobilization of staff or security
  • Increased building intelligence: minimize traveler wait times and optimize staff work flows
OmniAccess Stellar LBS in Transportation
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The following diagram illustrates how OmniAccess Stellar LBS, integrated with an airport app, can help airport travelers reduce the time it takes to park a car, check in and find their gate, which gives them more time to shop and get a bite to eat. Airports can take advantage of this extra traveler time by using proximity marketing to suggest duty free offers, food and drink discounts, and more to waiting travelers.

OmniAccess Stellar LBS in Transportation

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