MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures components, devices and end-to-end solutions for the industrial and commercial Internet of Things.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Network, WLAN
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Education, Other

MultiTech has been delivering industry-leading communications solutions since 1970. With carrier-approved external and embedded modems and gateways, Multi-Tech makes it easy and fast to connect your devices to networks anywhere in the world. We work with clients in almost any market to enable cellular, LoRaWAN, analog, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, GNSS and other wireless technologies into a solution to achieve superior business results. Our capability and experience can deliver on your requirements by leveraging our best practices approach of discovery, design, and development to innovate flexible and scalable Industrial IoT communication solutions.

Offerings include first-to-market innovations in low power, wireless access and broadband, low-latency communication technologies, machine protocols, integrated sensors and mobile applications which enable monitoring and management of smart assets, durables and industrial consumables.

MultiTech maintain a worldwide partner ecosystem addressing complimentary offerings (e.g. integration services, test services, technology components, and value-chain components) and vertical solutions (e.g. industry, utility/energy, connected city, connected building, agriculture, and healthcare) with whom MultiTech jointly approach select opportunities.

Creativity: Delivering ground-breaking innovation for more than 40 years requires visionary thinking, a culture of continual learning, inspired invention and a relentless focus on finding new ways to solve real-world problems.

Performance: Whether from our products or our team, we are committed to optimal performance. We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and reliability of the technology we produce, as well as the discipline required to produce it.

People: Collaboration, understanding, mutual respect are central to our effectiveness, innovation and longevity. As such, we extend kindness and transparency to everyone who touches or is touched by our business – our customers, partners, suppliers and, most importantly, our team

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Milti-Tech offer solutions for the operation and management of private LoRaWAN networks based on their complete offering of LoRaWAN gateways.
LoRAWAN networks are necessary to get the data from LoRaWAN sensors used in different vertical markets like smart city, smart building, smart agriculture… in order to improve a specific service or for the monitoring of assets for example.

Complementary to ALE Ethernet backbone solutions, our value proposition allows the customer to connect LoRaWAN devices to his existing Ethernet infrastructure. The customer can now address lot of new use cases using the properties of this LPWAN technology: low battery, long range, high capacity by gateway, low cost…

Complementary to ALE Ethernet backbone, communication and cloud solutions, Multi-Tech value proposition allows the customer to connect LoRaWAN devices to his existing Ethernet infrastructure. The customer can now address lot of new use cases using the properties of this LPWAN technology: low battery, long range, high capacity by gateway, low cost…

Integration with Rainbow platform allows the customer to reduce the time to market for the roll-out of his solution.

        ALE -Multi-Tech Joint offering for Smart City solution

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                                      Integration Rainbow with Existing Ethernet Network

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The MultiTech LoRaWAN programmable gateways provide user defined edge compute and are configurable for seamlessly connecting to targeted platforms.

Main benefits:
  • Reliable
  • High quality
  • Secure
  • Flexible solution
  • Different architectures possible:         

      - using Multi-Tech embedded network server 

     -  external network server,

  • address any type of LoRaWAN use case

  • Complete offering of LoRaWAN gateways for different environments: indoor, indoor industrial and outdoor to address any type of network roll-out, from a simple office to a critical nuclear site or a large-scale regional or national roll-out.
  • Multi-Tech's mPower software running inside the LoRaWAN gateways includes the embedded LoRaWAN network server and ensures a secure connection to the backhaul.
  • In complement to the LoRaWAN gateways solution  offer LENS, a management tool for distributed private network using the embedded network server and DEVICEHQ, a management platform for the remote maintenance of the gateways.

Smart City Solution

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise  announce new Smart City solution - Converged solution for smart lighting, waste management and video surveillance;

The partners include Multitech, a leader in industrial wireless IoT solutions, Wellness TechGroup, a global leader in design, development and integration of smart city applications, Moonoff, a leader in smart lighting devices, and Axis Communications, a global leader in smart IP video devices for people and property protection.

The smart lighting, waste management and video surveillance use cases are built using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s network fabric, specialized hardened switch, and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow™ Workflow for automation. The solution uses the market-leading IoT gateway from MultiTech and leverages smart city applications from the Wellness TechGroup, smart light by Moonof and IPTV by Axis Communications.


  Ecosystem Overview

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For more information go to ALE page:    Connected cities solutions

Please consulte  the pages of  DSPP partners included  in ALE 's Smart City solution:

               Wellness TechGroup


               Axis Communications



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