MWS Develops, manufactures and sells complete technical solutions in security, telecommunications and automation. Thanks to its close relationship with Alcatel-Lucent, MWS is often called upon to study and implement complete additional customized and value-added solutions.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Doorphone and intercoms, Alarm system and Notification
  • Region: EMEA
  • Industry: Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Other


SIP Intercom

MWS SIP intercom pmr

These have been designed for use with all the company’s IP and telephone terminals. The SIP and RTP protocols used by the key players in the market and implemented in our products provide compatibility with existing and future VoiP terminals. Electrical power is supplied by the LAN (POE 802.3af).

These intercoms are designed for use in a noisy environment (hall, motorway tolls, etc.). They meet a wide variety of needs: security post, car park access, hospital intercom systems, doorphones, etc. Using the existing computer network minimises installation costs and eliminates cable-pulling costs. MWS intercoms can be connected to the Insured Party computer network without the need for any other proprietary equipment


  • MWS intercoms are compatible with all the SIP phones on the market
  • They connect to the network without the need for any other proprietary equipment
  • A range of 4 intercoms whose architecture meets a variety of demands
  • Interior, exterior, IP watertightness standard, vandal-proof
  • One pre-programmed destination
  • A multi-destination keyboard for dialling
  • Electronic card for integration into furniture units
  • Uses the LAN network (full IP)
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Supervisable, remote functionality test
  • Electricity supply POE/24V
  • Uses the PBX in place
  • Optional PRM functionalities (people of reduced mobility, braille, magnetic loop and LED lights)

MWS SIP archi

The operational benefits:

  • Simple and logical to use; dials one or more numbers
  • Internal and external
  • High audio quality, clear messages despite noisy environments
  • POE facilitates power supply
  • IK07 anti-vandal protection
  • Watertight: IP 65

TAMAT - the leading product on the market

Event feedback and malfunction management have become a priority in all companies and living facilities. Safety depends on speed of intervention and employees’ ability to react.
TAMAT meets these requirements by notifying an alarm or patient call on a landline extension, DECT, GSM, an outside number or email address. 
TAMAT is an interface solution that manages information from a wide range of sources.
TAMAT combines alarm or event detection, the transfer of this information via the client PABX to DECT extensions, mobile phones or email addresses of the employees responsible for organizing the care to be provided, the people in charge of individual and property security and those who are responsible for maintaining these systems. TAMAT also authorizes the management of several distant sites via remote racks that convey the information to the main site.  TAMAT archives all the main and distant site data.  TAMAT has advanced user-configurable functions to enable the client to have a personalized system and specific management of the actions that need to be carried out. 



Easy to use for employees: 

  • TAMAT interfaces with the existing telecom infrastructure.
  • Compatible with all telecom voice connection using QSIG BC, QSIG GF, or RNIS signaling and the SIP protocol.
  • Compatible with all existing patient call, technical alarm and security alarm systems.
  • Alarms and calls are displayed on the telephone extensions already used by the employees. This means that employees do not have to change their working habits, and extra training for users is not required.
  • *A built-in solution that does not require operating system maintenance or updating.
  • *User-friendly configuration via a web interface
  • Alarms activated by serial link or IP (ESPA, go-with-the-flow, ...)

Customer operational benefits:

  • Reliable, immediate information management and reception.
  • Simultaneous diffusion of information via several media.
  • Employees concerned by the event, alarm or malfunction are mandatorily informed.
  • Security, rescue, first aid and inspection interventions are sped up.
  • Call resolution archiving. 

Customer financial benefits:

  • Reliable information managed and received in real time.
  • Allows for technical management
  • Management of intervention or restoration times.
  • Traceability for management and checks to ensure that procedures are being followed.
  • Facilitated checks on technical intervention times in relation to contractual maintenance deadlines.
  • Reduction in costs linked to surveillance.
  • Optimization of and control over return on investment.
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