Since 1991 - with worldwide thousands of life time customers - New Voice International is one of the leading provider in the Field of Unified Event Communication and secure alarm processing. The services are centered around the MobiCall gateway between events and experts which is an individually configured solution for alerting, mobilisation, evacuation, information distribution and monitoring in the professional environment.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Alarm system and Notification, Rainbow
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Government

Targeted industries are: Facility management, hospitality, healthcare, industry, public institutions and government, emergency and rescue services, education facilities, assisted living and retirement homes, financial institutions, emergency contact centers and cross markets.


Mobicall - Secure Alarm Processing

MobiCall is a highly reliable and flexible event and alarm management appliance that manages information, alerts and notifications generated by different sources and this includes: 


·         Notification, voice conference, IVR, dashboard, video recording, indoor localization, task management for smart phone and watches

The solution enables organizations to integrate their existing communication infrastructure and offering an easy configuration and support for every device currently in use; empowered by on premise, cloud, hybrid infrastructures and IoT solutions.


  • Intuitive operation with modular design
  •  Fully redundant, distributed and virtualized architecture
  • Supports any intervention team, where every second counts
  • Offers an easy configuration and support for every device currently in use
  • Empowered by on premise, cloud, hybrid infrastructures and IoT solutions
  • Provides a large amount of connectors from the event input to information distribution

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