OpenText WFO Software serves enterprise contact centres as part of the OpenText CEM solution set, which is uniquely designed to facilitate the relationship between an organization and its customers. OpenText CEM creates brand loyalty by addressing better engagement, insight and innovation for employees, partners and customers across multichannel customer interactions.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Voice Recording
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Transportation, Other, Government


OpenText™ Qfiniti and OpenText™ Explore

OpenText Qfiniti is an integrated, modular workforce optimization (WFO) solution designed to improve enterprise contact centre voice/screen recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, process automation, coaching, eLearning, and surveying.OpenText Explore delivers multichannel Voice of Customer, desktop and call scoring analytics, consolidating all agent and customer behaviour to identify patterns and emerging trends.



Workforce Engagement

  • Optimized staffing and scheduling
  • Improved training and retention

Performance Management

  • Consistent quality measurement and coaching
  • Automated reporting and scoring

Customer Engagement

  • Multichannel interaction analysis
  • Customer experience insights

Regulatory Compliance

  • PCI and/or HIPAA compliance
  • Intelligent recording

Process Optimization

  • AHT and process measurement
  • Desktop guidance and automation


Flexible Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX integration with OpenText Qfiniti and Explore ensures reliable voice/screen recording, quality management, and PCI-DSS compliance.

  • Innovative coaching tools, such as voice file visualization, CTI, eLearning integration, and Coaching Markers, make it easy to listen to recorded conversations and share the insights with agents and other coaches.
  • OpenText Qfiniti’s multi-skilled forecasting and scheduling makes quick work of any scheduling and forecasting task. Qfiniti Workforce delivers a flexible “what-if” analysis tool for staff planning that allows users to accurately model a wide variety of industries and customer behaviours along with anticipating your employee absences.
  • Desktop Analytics deliver insight into which applications agents are using most/least and identify which agents take the most/least time to complete each step, allowing you to establish baselines and benchmarks and to stack rank teams and team members. Guidance and Automation delivers real-time contextual scripting and information to eliminate redundancies and reduce errors.
  • OpenText Explore is a multichannel analytics platform that can analyse any human communication, weather spoken or written, to help gain insight into agent behaviours and customer experience. OpenText Explore is fully integrated with OpenText Qfiniti.
  • Reduced cost of ownership by deploying an integrated suite of products that combines features and functions into a single, easy to use offering.
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