Rainbow cloud video conferencing makes meetings simple. Connect with internal and external contacts using secure video communication, instant messaging, screen and file sharing.

Organizations with effective video conferencing technologies spend quality time with dispersed colleagues and customers.  Grow your business with easy-to-use Rainbow video conferencing that requires only a mobile or a web browser. On-line meetings go smoothly, and screen sharing gets things done efficiently. Read on to learn about features and use of video conferencing for small, medium and large businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses

Simplify customer meetings and save money

  • Attendees join meetings with two clicks from their mobile or web browser
  • No account or firewall adaptation is required for guests
  • Save on long distance calls and conferencing service fees using the internet

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Online team meetings offer video, chat groups, phone system features, file and screen sharing

  • HD audio and video
  • See attendees and display several video streams all at once
  • Rainbow Room video equipment when meeting on-site.

Large enterprises and organizations

Productive video conferences for decentralized teams

Rainbow natively supports video-communication enabling productivity for one-to-one or group calls with up to 50 participants.

HD video and audio capabilities for more personal interactions

Instant audio and video conferencing

With time often being of the essence, a quick conference call can help boost productivity and streamline the decision-making process.

With Rainbow, you can make the most of online meetings by pre-scheduling or launching video and audio conferences on-the-fly.

Augment existing huddle rooms

Rainbow transforms your existing meeting rooms by enabling you to deploy sophisticated video conferencing capabilities at an affordable rate.

Simply run the Android application on any Android TV device and connect any existing screen, camera, or microphones you have available. You’re all set. Welcome to your new, true conferencing system.

Streamline existing processes with Rainbow CPaaS

Ever need to quickly launch a video conference with a select group of people? Rainbow CPaaS allows any business process or application to instantly create Bubbles (groups) in response to events or triggers. Once created, all relevant people are automatically invited to the Bubble and are able to chat, share files and launch group audio or video conference calls.

Global availability, local presence

Regardless of where you’re based, we have a point of presence in every major region to ensure that we consistently offer our customers a superior video and audio experience. All you need is broadband internet access. No need to invest in an expensive infrastructure.

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