Restore your business dynamics: enable your remote workforce to work together from anywhere

Successfully working from anywhere requires change

During 2020, many companies embarked on the journey to ensure business continuity on a greater scale and accelerate their move to an anywhere-work environment. However, the key to continued success in the new anywhere work environment is ensuring that you have the right long-term solutions in place to support more than just business continuity.

Communications services intended for the old way of working just aren’t suitable in this new environment. They need to be re-visited and adapted to meet the requirements of a new landscape, where the office is anywhere and everywhere.


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In this 15 minutes white paper “Succeeding in the new way of working from anywhere and everywhere”, IDC helps organizations to emerge stronger, be more resilient, more digitally fit, and better able to capture their share of the new opportunities as part of the next normal.

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“Succeeding in the new way of working from anywhere and everywhere”

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The key to enabling work from anywhere

Opening the door to anywhere and everywhere work doesn’t have to be as complicated or expensive as it might seem.

It requires business leaders to identify unique requirements - per employee – since each employee has specific function and needs. While it’s true that each employee needs access to meaningful and reliable services for collaboration and communications, there are major differences to consider.

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Enable work-from-anywhere by identifying the right profiles

Now that the world is beginning to settle into a new rhythm, the challenge for businesses is to rethink how they are working - where the office is anywhere and everywhere.

The type of job a person has, as well as their mobility patterns will influence their communications requirements. In order to determine when to invest in certain type of technology solutions, business leaders need to create user profiles to better understand their needs.

Mission-critical communications for operations and customer service workers, wherever they work

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Some of the people in your team might be able to get by with a softphone or application on their existing smartphone or computers. Others in your organisation will require a deskphone or conference phone. A partner that can address all your technology solutions requirements is essential.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise business phones evolve for work-from-anywhere and provide :

  • Social distancing with desk sharing mode in business phones
  • Secure business phones at home with excellent audio clarity and easy call management
  • Reachability wherever you are, with one number call routing across business phone and work-from-home application
  • Smartphone and computer pairing to the business phone speakerphone for excellent audio on any device

Download our "Business Phones Interactive Catalog" to learn more about ALE business phones.

Mission-critical handsets and smartphone apps for on-site roamers

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For businesses that require quick response time and employee availability, we offer robust DECT and WLAN handsets as well as smartphone apps dedicated to mission-critical communications that provide:

  • Increased safety by moving from role handsets to individual handsets with no disruption to numbering plan
  • Excellent audio quality anywhere with voice dedicated handsets
  • Handset connectivity with alarm and geolocation systems for instant situation management
  • Call management from anywhere using a dedicated smartphone app

Download our "Mobility Interactive Catalog" to select the ALE handsets and smartphones app that meet your on-site roamer needs.

Digital workspace for work-from-anywhere staff

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With Rainbow by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, remain connected to your organisation, reach and be reached by colleagues and teams, to keep on serving customers and ensure business continuity. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise award winning digital workspace that meets stringent security requirements. It offers:

  • Simple call transfer from your deskphone to your mobile phone; mobile extension of the ALE communication server
  • Easy access to a company-wide directory with a one-click voice, video, or chat function
  • Simple access to video conferences with customers, partners or colleagues from your mobile
  • ISO-27001 certification; The international cloud security standard. Your customers’ data is protected

Reliable communications and team collaboration for employees working from home

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It is important to maintain a consistent level of customer service while your employees work from home. With the IP Desktop Softphone you can communicate from home the same as if you were the office and you can:

To complete the teleworker’s toolbox we provide high quality plug and play with USB-A interface headsets for a crystal clear conversation with your customers.

With every change comes opportunity

Optimistic people always say that each change brings a new opportunity.

It has taken organisations just a few months to transform like never before, opening new doors to ensure business continuity, and provide ongoing customer satisfaction.

It is evident now, more than ever, that wherever the office is, communications is key to success.

The right communications connect everything from business processes, to applications and objects. When your communication is strong enough, nothing will ever be able to break your business down.

2021, is the year to respond to your challenges and enable your teams to communicate and interact together from anywhere and everywhere.



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