Build intelligence into your network fabric to get flexibility, business agility, and a network that’s ready for anything.

What if it was faster and less painful to deploy and maintain your network? And what if your network could do some of that work for you? Imagine how agile your business could become.

Intelligent Fabric from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise simplifies operations in your network environment to provide the agility your business needs.

Free yourself from stress caused by your network

The Solution

Deploying and managing a network with Intelligent Fabric

ALE's Intelligent Fabric reduces the burden of configuration on the administrator. Dynamic recognition of the neighbouring elements allows for quick, out-of-the-box configuration and reduced administrative overhead.

Intelligent Fabric offers:

  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Support for neighbour discovery protocols and IP protocols
  • Configurations saved to the switch configuration file so they are not lost when the switch reboots
Customer Benefits

Intelligent Fabric benefits

  • Straightforward deployment: Unpack the boxes, mount, connect, power up
  • Provisioning happens faster: Centralized management groups together devices with common policies
  • Cheaper operations: Reduce complexity, eliminate the need for IT involvement
  • Comprehensive visibility: See overlay applications and performance in real-time

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