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Rainbow is a robust, easy-to-use app designed to support your time management, security, and privacy needs.

Learn Rainbow’s 3 key values

Rainbow business communication solutions offer user friendly collaboration tools from voice to video, that connect people, machines, and processes.

Your business has < 150 employees

Simplify with a cloud based phone system for small business  

Collaborative meeting

Your company is a large organization

One enterprise communication platform does it all 

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Rainbow for Healthcare

The cloud-based collaboration app that connects your healthcare ecosystem.

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  • Healthcare

Rainbow for Hospitality

ALE mobile technology powers connection and convenience everywhere, for memorable stays.

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  • Hospitality

Rainbow for Government

Transform your citizens’ and staff experiences with 21st century communications tools

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  • Government

Video conferencing: Breaking barriers for best teams impacts

Make business collaboration easy and efficient with ALE video conferencing.

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Mobility: Don't lose any business opportunities

Make business collaboration a key differentiator with ALE Rainbow.

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Communications system and softphone

Make business collaboration a winning asset with ALE Rainbow.

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Our customers are making everything connect
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