PROPHETE implemented a converged solution to increase bandwidth capability, support manufacturing processes, and simplify communications across sites.

  • Country: Germany
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Solution: Business Telephony, Customer Service, Autonomous Network

Business Partner: Nachrichtentechnik Bielefeld

Headquartered in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, PROPHETE has produced and sold bicycles and bicycle accessories since 1908. The owner-managed family business builds high-quality and affordable bicycles, including children’s bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes and mountain bikes. It is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of e-bikes. The bicycles are marketed via department stores, DIY stores, discount stores, and online retailers throughout Germany and Europe under two principal brands: PROPHETE and REX.

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PROPHETE is at the forefront of product innovation and customer service. To keep it that way, our infrastructure must be able to support us efficiently and effectively.

Thomas Myller, Project Manager, ICT Infrastructure


  • As a driving force of innovation in the cycling world, PROPHETE works to ensure its business infrastructure is always at the cutting edge of technology.
  • New high-end assembly workplaces and the introduction of a monitor-guided repair system in the bicycle repair shop in 2016 dramatically increased the bandwidth demand on the network. 
  • Furthermore, PROPHETE wanted to modernize and enhance the enterprise telephony system and expand WLAN coverage to facilitate communications across multiple sites, including Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Oldenburg, Memmingen.

Products & Solutions


  • The new infrastructure supports PROPHETE’s bandwidth requirements while delivering superior network reliability.
  • IT operations, network management, and configuration are simplified through the OmniVista 8770 centralized platform that provides added visibility.
  • OmniAccess WLAN Controllers and Access Points have been upgraded to the latest technology to provide wider and more reliable wireless coverage. 


  • The future-proof solution assists PROPHETE in remaining an innovative market leader, today and tomorrow.
  • Increasing the reachability of the call center and supporting statistical evaluation of all call center activities means better service and satisfied customers.

User Experience:

  • The new ALE network provides enhanced mobile connectivity for all PROPHETE employees, from the high-end assembly workplace to the customer service center.
  • The converged voice and data solution and customer service solution support the call center and ensure prompt customer service for callers.
  • Employee productivity is enhanced thanks to greater mobility and simplified processes like the ability to login on the wired or wireless network with the same credentials.
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