Connect your guests and hotel staff, and you'll create a unique experience. ALE mobile hospitality technology powers immersive engagement everywhere, for a memorable stay.

We all know Wi-Fi is a top amenity in the hospitality industry, but mobility goes beyond wireless connectivity. We're talking guest access to hotel services anywhere on your premises, enhanced network security and much more.

We offer all hotel services on mobile guest devices: guests can make calls, make reservations for dinner or guided wine tours and tasting. We launch special offers before guests arrive, and connect with them after their departure.

Caroline Östman, General Manager

The Winery Hotel

Smarter Mobility in your Hotel

Smarter Mobility for Hospitality

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Top mobility questions in the hospitality industry:

  • Is it just a matter of bandwidth?
  • Can all buildings benefit?
  • How real is the threat to security?
  • How do you balance guest access and data privacy?

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