For early education students, the right start can change futures. Combined with new pedagogies, technology engages students and expands the classroom.

The K-12 classroom no longer has four walls: it's a global space where students can interact with teachers, experts and other educational facilities around the world.

Engagement improves learning, so it's natural that mobility and Wi-Fi create better ways of engaging.

Greg Kovich, Business Development Director, ALE

ALE K12 solutions:

  • Connect teachers, parents and students for an optimal educational experience
  • Enable learning and collaboration from anywhere, at anytime, anywhere
  • Scale infrastructure to meet demands of students and new technologies
  • Provide a safe and secure campus environment
  • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX-based consumption models

An affordable approach for limited budgets

Throughout a child's primary and secondary education, teachers can share resources, communicate with students and develop personalized learning plans. We're helping educators to connect everything, achieve new IT efficiencies and deliver the digital classroom.

To benefit fully from connected education, schools need a unified network experience with reliable support for a growing number of student and IoT devices. ALE network solutions make this infrastructure a reality - while keeping things simple.

Why do K-12 school systems choose ALE solutions?

  • Safe Campus: Awareness, response coordination and campus notifications within a connected ecosystem integrates communications infrastructure with building control systems to configure and trigger lock-down.
  • Communications Modernization: Reduce the cost of operating and supporting school and district communications systems for safer, smarter experiences
  • Flexible: Deploy at your own pace and maximize budget with innovative OPEX-based deployment models and e-Rate solutions for the US market.
  • Secure solutions: Advanced multi-layer network security from edge to core provides comprehensive BYOD and IoT services and protects highly available real-time communications systems for confidentiality.
  • Future-ready: Deliver integrated, connected experiences today while preparing a pathway for tomorrow's learning environments - experiential, the hybrid classroom, flipped and distance learning.

Learn more about where everything connects in a purpose-built education networking and communications environment.

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