We are experienced in building custom solutions from scratch. With years of experience in building products through many verticals like healthcare, fin-tech, insurance, government, entertainment, agriculture, transportation, etc. we are ready to support any type of request in any domain as we prove to ourselves that we are capable.

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  • Partner Level: Expert Developer Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Rainbow, Stellar, Blockchain
  • Region: Worldwide

Currently our full focus is blockchain and blockchain based products together with business model.

We cover breadth and depth in development: Applications (web, mobile, wearables), networks (microservices, daemons, server clusters, cloud, blockchain), IoT (embedded solutions, custom hardware, custom firmware, security development tactics).

Projects with ALE:

- PBaaS: Persmissioned Blockchain as a Service

- Rainbow Workflow

Additional projects:

- MyTrack

- iFinance

- Praxhub

  more details here: https://vimeo.com/beyondi


Permissioned BlockChain as a Service (BPaaS)

This PoC addresses problems around the transport of dangerous materials using blockchain as a service to transfer context and with a IoT to provide a context.

PBaaS infrastructure


PBaaS detailed description

Rainbow Workflow

This use case demonstrates a Workflow Automation done with OmniVista and Rainbow and Blockchain.

Beyondi Rainbow workflow architecture


Detailed presentation




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