An alternative IaaS financing model that adjusts to your constantly changing needs: it's network infrastructure on your terms, within your budget.

The network is the single common denominator underlying the mobile internet, IoT, big data and automation. To keep up with these trends, you must evaluate whether your current IT model can support these spiraling business needs. If it can't, can you afford the upfront expense of upgrading your entire infrastructure? An 'on demand' service could be the perfect alternative.

  • CAPEX budgets are shrinking and can't support huge infrastructure investment
  • Network hardware is a 'sunk cost', inflexible, and can become redundant as technologies evolve
  • Your business has peaks and valleys; why should you pay for infrastructure that's not being used?

"By 2020, 80% of IT infrastructure will be bought on a pay-as-you go basis" - IDC

Network on Demand Solutions

Our Network on Demand solutions help you:

  • Save CAPEX and avoid depreciation
  • Scale up and down as your business needs change
  • Re-focus your IT staff on what they do best
Infrastructure as a Service: Network on Demand

With an 'on demand' service, or IaaS, your network infrastructure becomes just another managed service: a simple monthly bill. Our Network on Demand solution provides an on-premise network backbone, LAN and Wi-Fi access, plus comprehensive management, reporting and support services.

It's enabled by our smart network equipment portfolio that leverages three innovative technologies: Unified Access, Smart Analytics and Intelligent Fabric, for cutting-edge performance.

Here's why our customers choose Network on Demand solutions

  • Lower CAPEX expenditure: Network infrastructure is now an operational expense.
  • Flexibility: Change the size of the network infrastructure during its lifetime.
  • Lower monthly costs: Use-based billing takes into account weekends, holidays and off-peak seasons. Pay for what you use based on how many users are connected to the network each day.
  • Competitive edge: Adopt new technology faster while removing the concern of depreciating assets.
  • Predictability: Network costs are consistent, easy to budget for and the expense is spread over time.
Network on Demand news from ALE

ALE delivers LAN/WLAN cloud managed services

ALE’s superior technology and unique networking portfolio is industry’s most comprehensive pay-per-use Network on Demand solution offer.

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