WASER’s centralized all-IP communications solution offers greater simplicity and reliability to the company’s various work environments and sites.

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: Business Telephony, Customer Service, Unified Communications

Business Partner: swisspro Solutions AG

WASER is a Swiss wholesale company for stationery and office supplies. Customers are exclusively professional resellers. End consumers are not directly supplied but via the customers from WASER. The ultimate goal of WASER is to be a reliable partner. In our constant pursuit of excellence, the level of service and the quality of delivery are at the top of the list. We rely on cooperative and sustainable business relationships and use new technologies to generate shared added value. 


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We were looking for a highly available, modern, future-oriented and virtualized solution, that we found with ALE. Swisspro Solutions accompanied us very competently from sales consulting to commissioning.

Thomas Bachmann, Project Leader, Waser + CO AG


  • WASER needed an upgraded communications solution to comply with Swiss carriers’ mandatory shift to all-IP. 
  • Telephony is critical to the operation of WASER, which includes two Customer Services centers. The company wanted to take the opportunity to replace the existing solution at its sites in Volketswil and Givisiez with one centralized all-IP communications solution. The new infrastructure needed be highly available, cost efficient and user-friendly to meet the needs of office, logistics and customer service environments.

Products & Solutions


  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server
  • OpenTouch Multimedia Services
  • OpenTouch Session Border Controller 
  • OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition
  • OmniVista 8770 Network Management System (LDAP)
  • 4059 Extended Edition Attendant Console
  • 8018 DeskPhone
  • 8038 Premium DeskPhone


  • Business Telephony
  • Customer Service
  • Unified Communications


  • The new 100% virtualized architecture offers greater flexibility and the ability to easily add new services, features, users and sites.
  • Service continuity is maintained thanks to two redundant systems that assure the availability.
  • WASER’s two sites now run on a centralized solution, including the integrated Customer Service Center, for greater simplicity and efficiency.
  • Installation was seamless, retaining the benefits of the incumbent solution while benefiting from new capabilities.


  • Managing a single centralized solution with the OmniVista 8770 management system has reduced operating costs. 
  • The all-IP solution makes relocations and new phone additions simpler and more cost effective.

User Experience:

  • The new handsets are intuitive and easy for WASER’s employees to use.  
  • The solution enables greater collaboration across sites, facilitating communications and supporting productivity.
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