This mobile app for the hospitality industry empowers guests and employees, with all the features of a hotel room phone on a mobile device.

Instead of building an expensive telephony infrastructure, many hotels are taking advantage of their existing Wi-Fi network — and the fact that most guests have a smartphone - to integrate telephone functionality and hotel services in a mobile application that can run on a guest's device.

In addition to making calls within the hotel, the Mobile Guest Softphone app lets guests make local phone calls without paying roaming charges, book a table in the hotel restaurant, order a taxi, book a spa treatment or order room service. And if guests want to use multiple devices in the same room? It's a piece of cake, thanks to automatic registration.

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  • Turn a guest smartphone or tablet into a mobile extension of a phone in a hotel room
  • Reduce guests' communication costs when traveling
  • Create upsell opportunities by using the application to promote hotel services to guests


  • Hotel-branded Mobile Guest Softphone application available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for guest download
  • Centralized management via web administration interface
  • Automatic registration and room association via QR code scanning
  • Automatic provisioning of guest devices
  • Runs on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server and is available in the cloud
  • WYSIWYG web administration interface and easy customization allow administrators to match hotel branding guidelines and numbering plan, define guest and employee profiles, manage telephony resources, define devices and associate them to rooms, and more
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available to enable telephony services to be integrated into existing eConcierge applications (with support from Alcatel-Lucent Partners)

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Available models

  • On-premises Mobile Guest Softphone
  • Hospitality Cloud

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