What is Call Handling & Forwarding?

May 17, 2021
Article : 003470

This article provides a general overview of the call handling and forwarding feature of your Rainbow Office online account.

The Call Handling & Forwarding section of the online account allows administrators to set-up call routing rules for Users. It offers flexibility on how you want your calls to be handled during business hours, after hours or multiple condition rules.

You can access Call Handling & Forwarding on Admin Portal > Users > select a User under Users with Extensions > Call Handling & Forwarding. From here you can set up the following:

Call Handling and Forwarding for Business hours
Rearrange Order of Forwarding Numbers
Setup a Ring Group
Custom Answering Rules
Incoming Call Information - Choose what appears on your phone when you receive an incoming call, either Incoming Caller ID or the Called Number. You can also choose to play an announcement for an incoming call from a Rainbow Office or non-Rainbow Office number.

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