We make everything connect by delivering technology that works, for you.

Students. Passengers. Patients. Employees. When you connect your users, everything’s better. Connect with them, and tremendous things happen.

Our mission? To design and build the technology that powers experiences. Keeps hearts beating. Controls the signals on underground trains. Routes your call to the right person, whether they’re at a desk, on the factory floor or boarding a plane to Paris.

The age of digital transformation

Transform your business digitally, and you’ll experience collaboration like never before.

Simpler, more agile operations. Connected customer experiences. Innovation, everywhere.

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Preparing for tomorrow’s mobile opportunities

Evolutions in mobility and the IoT are driving enterprises to fundamentally reconsider their technology choices.

Let's explore mobility - together

Infrastructure’s what we do best – and we want you to get it right too. Whether at your premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid, choose whatever model’s right for you. Every step of the way, we’ll support you with a cost-effective upgrade path, analytics, managed service options and lifecycle management tools.

With our global reach and local focus, we’re changing how businesses buy technology. Deploy it. Use it.

And the results? They’re better than ever. Read on and see for yourself.

Powering the Gotthard Tunnel

Our rugged access switches helped deliver this Swiss mega-project – now they run it.

In the world's longest and deepest railway tunnel, you need network technology that won’t let you down. Operating at 70% humidity, almost 1000 Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6855s link 70,000 data points to form a secure communications backbone under the Alps, transporting 9000 passengers a day. 

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Rainbow Business Partner onboarding program

ALE introduces Business Partner onboarding program for the Rainbow cloud collaboration service to address digital workplace transformation.


Diakonissen Speyer Mannheim now All IP ready

Social care provider Diakonissen Speyer-Mannheim is using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology to ensure a smooth transformation to full IP-based communications.


ALE expands its mobile campus solution

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise expands its mobile campus solution to deliver high-performance Wi-Fi and LAN access.

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