All IP migration easily done – Refit your phone system in your company now! 

PSTN is coming to the end of the road. What decision will you make for your company's communication strategy?

In the near future, analogue and ISDN connections will be largely eliminated. The telecommunications industry will convert its public telecommunications network to AII IP. Your system should therefore be equipped with IP-based technology by this time at the latest. We support you in deciding whether migration or replacement of your system makes sense for you. 

Communication technologies today have to meet more complex requirements in order to meet trends such as the increasing use of mobile devices. The solution for this is All IP. All information no matter if voice, data or video is unified and transmitted via the Internet Protocol (IP). This makes the network infrastructure simpler, more reliable and more adaptable to future developments.


With All IP, you need fewer network components than before. This means less costs for equipment and maintenance. In addition, you can scale and expand your system almost at will.

With All IP you have more functionalities at your disposal. You can better integrate home office workers into your corporate network with an IP connection. For video conferences you only need one IP connection instead of several ISDN channels. This means considerably more performance at the same price. The seamless connection of telephone system and PC also ensures more comfortable and efficient work.

Your major advantages


  • use existing devices
  • freely scalable, flexibly expandable
  • efficient communication and IT infrastructure


  • efficient, smooth processes
  • less expensive due to simple network structure and less maintenance
  • convergence of fixed and mobile networks reduces operating costs


  • uniform, intuitive user interface
  • seamless networking within the company
  • enhanced functionalities
  • telephony via laptop or PC
  • high speech quality
  • configuration via the Internet
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