Cloud-based CPaaS models are changing the way enterprises communicate, develop new services, and interact with customers. So you can use CPaaS to deliver a true Digital Engagement.

In the past, adding new services meant buying and integrating new technology; along with investing in expensive infrastructure, bandwidth and headcount increases. But what if it was faster and easier to add services, capacity and support?

And what if they all spoke fluently to one another – and were managed in a single environment?
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Using the Cloud to Attract, Engage, & Retain Your Customers.

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Enter CPaaS

CPaaS platforms offer a complete, off-the-shelf development environment for communications tools without the need to build your own. It includes software, APIs, sample code, and free applications. CPaaS providers also supply support and documentation to help developers create new apps to run on the platform.

With real-time IP voice, text, and video at the core, CPaaS models can reduce the cost of communication (staff won’t be making international calls on landlines any more). And not just that: because these services are hosted either entirely or partially in the cloud, there’s no need to build extra infrastructure or add costly on-site hardware when you grow.

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Tech giants are leading the way with CPaaS

Uber, Facebook, Netflix and others have all introduced user-facing communications by leveraging CPaaS platforms. Big brands like Air France, Mariott and IKEA are using bots within messaging apps to boost conversion and assist customers in their purchases. Connected platforms are helping customers in more interactive ways than an IVR or a telesales agent ever could.

The results? Seamless integration. Greater B2B and B2C customer engagement. Lower costs and increased revenue potential.

Internal CPaaS opportunities for clients and staff

Even within the smallest companies, enterprise communications teams are beginning to use CPaaS to enable internal business applications, or even build their own UC experience - for everything from onsite video security systems to project collaboration and personal safety solutions.

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CPaaS can help your company evolve
  • It supports your digital transformation: Group messaging and video calling give your connected workforce the technology they need to collaborate seamlessly.
  • It puts collaboration at the heart of your company: Developers can add persistent team messaging options with voice, video and more to their applications – which can be used online, onmobile, or on any connected device.
  • It’s simple, flexible, and futureproof: Launch new services for your staff and customers built on the same platform. Layer and combine apps without worrying about compatibility and integration - and get unparalleled visibility across them all.
  • It enhances customer interactions: From delivery status notifications and customer surveys to bot integration, the joy of CPaaS is that everything connects.Contextual information about a customer can be synced effortlessly during calls or web interactions, allowing agents or bots to provide a more personal service based on the items in their shopping cart, the webpage they are visiting, or previous support tickets.

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Exclusive from Wainhouse Research

The enterprise communications market has evolved considerably over time, but most materially over the last 25 years. Where is it going next - and what does it mean for your communications strategy?

These infographics illustrate the past, present and future of enterprise communications.

Wainhouse Research tracks the enterprise communications market, briefing with hundreds of vendors and service providers each year, gathering industry data, surveying end-users and IT decision makers, and publishing a range of market forecast reports. 

'Communications Timeline' Infographic 'Enterprise Comms Trends' Infographic 'Keys to a Successful Transition' White Paper
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